The Niamh Project

The Niamh Project is a sensational brand new time-travelling, genre-defying animated band. On a mission to save humanity from the forces of evil, one song at a time! 

This is an epic tale of adventure through time & space; of the battle for survival in a fallen world, of friendship against all odds, of good against evil, of magic & mystery, of secret codes hidden in songs from decades past. 

Ultimately, it is the tale of how music saves the world. 

If you would like to be part of this journey, be the first to hear news on a soon to be launched crowdfund, grab exclusive previews & freebies of new songs & merchandise, please click below to join Niamh's gang of fellow travellers. 

As our way of thanks, you'll receive a free download of our debut single Jamais Encore

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Jamais Encore

The Niamh Project

The debut single from a sensational new animated time-travelling band of misfits. Fantastic 80s-inspired cool, edgy electro-pop song from fantastic new band The Niamh Project. Paris circa 1989. A dark & rainy night. A café, a message, code to crack. Who is 'La Femme'? Someone watches from on high. Someone lurks in the shadows.

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Sorry I Made It Rain

The Niamh Project

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This fantastic soft rock song finds our intrepid time travellers back in 1993, lost in the vast forests of the Pacific North West, in the USA. Cold, wet & tired, they search on, looking for the hidden clues to a secret code...their only way of finding out the mysterious location of the elusive 'Mountain' sanctuary.

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Meet The Band!

Niamh Malone

The Lead Singer

Niamh (pronounced Neeve). Gets really pee'd off with people asking how to pronounce her name. 

Human. Irish. A feisty Celtic misfit. Niamh is a maverick; a free spirit. Her origins are a bit of a mystery. Likes owls, Bruce Lee films & knitting dreadfully garish, long fluffy scarves for the whole band that nobody likes to wear, except Travis. (And of course Spekky, who is far too polite to refuse.)

Neely B

The Guitarist

Grizzly Bear. 

Grumpy when he's hungry. Lovable but curmudgeonly & very shy (unless he's on stage, then he turns into Slash from Guns 'N Roses.) Likes choccy biscuits & playing online golf with his friend Archie in Taiwan. Loves wearing his long duster coat & thinks it makes him resemble Clint Eastwood in A Fistful Of Dollars.