Harvey/Grey Records are proud to represent a small but select group of talented artists, releasing an eclectic & diverse mix of musical styles. From soul/funk to trad folk, jazz & chillout. Click here for our Artist Roster

Attention Indie Artists! In addition to our signed acts, we offer a full release package to selected indie artists. Terms & Conditions apply. 

Offer includes a mix &/or master of your raw track/album, plus artwork & release/distribution on all major platforms.  Flat, one-off fee. You retain full song rights & 100% of your royalties. Get in touch for more details

latest releases

Brand new release out on April 28th!

Some Kind Of Love

A stunning new song from The HarveyGrey Collective. 

This gorgeously sultry pop ballad has echoes of a classic Bond song in its lush orchestration & powerful female vocals.