Neil Harvey - Composer & Producer

Neil Harvey is an award-winning songwriter, composer & music producer. His music works have featured in everything from feature films to airport lounges!  

As a producer and arranger, Neil is much in demand and he relishes the variety of working with fabulous, diverse artists across the globe, including U.S. rock sensation Emily Glazener, superb UK Soul singer/songwriter Dave Goodridge & U.S. songwriting legend, Edwin Balder.  

Neil writes exquisite music for A&R, film, TV and new media. His beautiful work was a featured aspect of the National Film Awards ‘Best Film’ winner of 2021, crime thriller, Lucas & Albert.  

Other notable sync placements include the 2018 UK feature film Eleven, based on the events of the last day of WWI and the soon to be released UK feature film, The Reverend & Mrs Simpson. Corporate soundtracks, sports videos & many more all feature Neil's diverse musical catalogue. He is equally at home composing a heavy rock track or a sublimely beautiful orchestral melody.  

Also a talented performer in his own right, Neil is a superb rock guitarist & has performed in bands all over the world for over 25 years. As a songwriter, performer & producer, he has released a variety of work, most notably in the Celtic/Folk genre with Caitlin Grey. Her debut Celtic album Siren's Song, featuring 12 original songs written with Neil, won 'Best Celtic Album' 2013 at the Independent LadyLake Music Awards in the U.S.

His own instrumental albums, including the gorgeous Beautiful Day, Orca Reflections & his chillout music with Aura Chillout Producers are heard across the world. 

His music is published exclusively by Barking Green Music UK, in association with Warner Chappell Music (Germany). 


Selected composer/producer credits. 

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Selected Arranger/Producer credits