Songwriting & Music Production Services

We work remotely with our clients from all over the world. Recent clients hail from the US, Brazil & Germany.

Services include one or more of the following: Editing vocals, full songwriting, working with your (provided) vocal topline, writing all or some musical parts, arranging/mixing, mastering, editing vocals, recording, producing.  

At Harvey/Grey, we don't outsource any work for our commissions.

Each client is given our utmost attention and all work is done by us, in-house. (Neil drinks a lot of coffee!!) 

Therefore, there is currently a short waiting list, as our capacity for taking on new clients is strictly limited.  

To go on the waiting list or for more info do get in touch.



Full songwriting

Full song- lyrics/melody/vocals/all instrumentation/recorded/produced.

This is a fully comprehensive custom songwriting service. A song written to your exact brief with male or female vocalist. 

(For a lyric-writing only service, see below.)  

Royalty-free on arrangement. 

Get in touch for more details.

Music Production Services

Arranging & producing

This is a full, bespoke service. From your raw vocal/s &/or instrument tracks,  we will arrange & produce your song/songs to exact your brief. You will receive a fully completed, mastered song ready to upload/release. The completed master is yours in perpetuity. 

All rights in the song belong to you, the composer. 

This is a royalty-free service. 

Full instrumentation, backing vocals, if required, mixing & mastering. 

Get in touch for more details.

Lyric Writing

Get some awesome lyrics for your song

If you're a great musician/songwriter but you're not a lyricist, (think Elton John!) it can be tough to get someone on board to write what you want without adding their own ideas. We can provide you with bespoke lyrics for your music, which you will then own in their entirety. Caitlin will work with you to create exactly the right lyric theme & emotion for your song. 

This is just a lyric-writing service only. 


Get in touch for more details.