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selected credits

The Reverend And Mrs Simpson  UK Feature film (Release date 2021)

Lucas & Albert Feature Film 2019

Eleven WWI UK feature film 2018

The Queen of Connemara (Documentary) US

George & The Dragon (Feature film trailer) - Bazley Films. 

Songs From a Spiritual Heart Song Cycle 2016


Megan's Magnet

Canary Wharf Development Corp Soundtrack (Riverside Project)

London Calling (Corporate Soundtrack)




‘’I'm humbled at the love & hard work poured into my song by Caitlin & Neil. They're freakin' amazing.'' 

Emily Glazener US rock singer/songwriter

‘’Neil & Caitlin deliver such beautiful songs, They turned my poems into something so special. I'm thrilled.''

Jennie Ebbutt, Poetess, Songs from a Spiritual heart (8 songs album). 

‘’You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for Let Me Call You Sweetheart! It works perfectly in the film''

Richard Dee-Roberts, Writer/Director The Reverend & Mrs Simpson